Take advantage of the opportunities our industry 4.0 solution offers. Existing technologies are unreliable and lead to inefficiencies through high handling times, low utilization and in the worst case problems such as bottlenecks or errors such as the disappearance of carriers.

At blik, we tackle these inefficiencies through a unique process tracking technology. It cuts your costs by offering real-time transparency and absolute process security paired with powerful analytics.


Never spend money on searching for load carriers again. With blik, you’ll know the state of your process at any given instance, in real-time, with high accuracy, wherever you are.


Improve your control of all processes, thanks to the high degree of automation. With blik, you can reduce your need for manual input and ultimately minimise time spent on error handling.


Identify sources of error and gain real-time insights into optimization possibilities with blik’s smart and predictive technology. Share insightful reports within your department or the whole company in just a few clicks.