Everyone’s word
weighs the same

Thanks to flat hierarchies everyone’s thoughts and ideas are valued equally. We believe that the anyone can contribute an argument that is of value for the entire team. As much as we appreciate driven people, we value a collaborative spirit and decisions are always made together as a team.

We value

We believe transparent structures are they key to good communication and healthy culture. Therefore we value direct feedback, always aim to be communicate as transparent as possible with each other and deeply believe in a strong knowledge-sharing culture.


Working at blik means taking responsibility from the start. No useless tasks and twiddling your thumbs. We believe in leading through goals, this means everyone receives the trust to work flexibly and in a self-responsible way. We are committed to helping you develop your skills and have a great experience.

For your enjoyment

Stay fueled with free
cereals, Spezi, Mate,
Coffee and fruit juice.
As a German company,
your health insurance
is covered.
Receive support for going
to conferences and taking
speaking engagements.
Meet your peers
over lunch and hang
out in the lounge.
Join us on Friday evening
for the weekly TGIF.
We equip you with all
necessary tools for work
and personal growth.

Choose your
preferred OS

Contribute to a

larger community.

We contribute patches back to the open source community. Collaborating with like-minded people this way is an exciting part for us on our journey to create the best process tracking software.


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